Integrate your on-line store with business critical data

Replicate products, orders, images and more

  • Fully tested integration with ERP systems; Navision and Axapta
  • No manual interaction - fully automated
Ec Replicator

All purpose data distributor

Real-time integration with existing back-office systems.

  • Set up and delivered with standard integration with Navision, Axapta and other ERP systems.
  • Enhance your retailing with cross-channel and multi-channel sales techniques.
  • Full-featured, fully automatic and fully integrated. Start with the Premium version and upgrade to the Enterprise version at any time, thus utilizing all your previous investment for modifications with endless possibilities.
  • Full technical support 24x7 and continuous business and marketing support through the EC Quality and Support Centre.

Why Replicator

Replication is required when there is a need to manage data across different business applications from a single system. It would be a tedious process for web administrators to get an overview of their sales, user subscriptions and orders across different systems without having a central system. It is very common for businesses to use an ERP system or they have an in-house back-office system for this purpose.

Is your back-office system not Navision / Axapta?

We provide connections to some of the commonly used country specific and client specific back-office systems other than Navision and Axapta.

Microsoft Dynamics

Standard connections to Microsoft Navision and Axapta ERP systems facilitate the exchange of product details (catalogs), shipment costs, stock status and order history. This makes it possible to fulfill the demands of online retailing for rich text data, dynamic images, flash, videos and additional text information. This is handled by EC WEB cms without affecting the source database.
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