Any PDF file published online in minutes

  • EC Book is the online publication technique which has been used all over the world for many years.
  • Adapt the layout of your online publication to your company image or graphical style and combine with a choice of interactive functions.
  • Low cost, high quality display and fast and easy download with a selection of advanced functions and services, published in minutes.
  • EC Book is used by web masters, marketing experts, sales departments and advertising
    agencies in more than 40 countries.
  • Millions of users have, for many years, enjoyed the advanced technology of EC Book to view and read catalogs, magazines, books and brochures.

Key benefits

  • Increases your audience and improves return on investment of your publications.
  • High-end user experience with access to information within the online publication or from external sources.
  • Run individual stores from within your online publication.

Multi Channel Sales

Reach your clients through different channels and support your marketing and sales with the help of the latest technology.

Reader Statistics

Track reader behavior with a wide range of analysis tools at book level, page level, within a date range, at feature level, with heat maps and much more.



Company profile and graphical style for all your online documents. Modify the standard templates to suit your company image with a logo and colors.


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